Are you struggling with weight loss and mood swings as you age?


Do you feel like you have less energy and lower libido than you used to?


Maybe you’re juggling a lot and feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed?


Are you concerned about potential hormone issues but not sure where to start?


Do you want to strengthen and revitalize your personal relationships?


It’s time to try a customized 360-degree approach to your health and wellness and unleash your full potential! Together, we’ll identify the nutritional choices, physical activity, and lifestyle habits that work best for you. Reclaim your health and confidence and feel your very best!


The benefits you can expect:

Decreased stress and anxiety levels


Potential disease prevention


Finding your healthy weight


Improved digestion and gut health


Improved body image and self confidence


The ability to curb cravings


Improved hormonal health


Increased energy level and libido


Lowered inflammation


Improved connections with loved ones

What I'll provide:

A custom-designed, 360-degree wellness plan


Guidance and recommendations tailored just for you


The information you need to make empowered choices both on and off your plate


Tools to evaluate and explore your current relationship with food


Encouragement to build and strengthen your personal relationships


Support and mentorship without judgement


Accountability every step of the way as you work to achieve your wellness goals

Be Well 360:
Individual Coaching


My six month program includes two one-on-one sessions per month. Each 60-minute session can be virtual or in person, depending on your location and comfort level.

Kind words

The biggest thing that I became acutely aware of is that everything starts from your mind and the health and well-being of your thoughts. Through all of the personal and professional changes and challenges that I went through during my program with Kristen I came to realize that where you are mentally and spiritually TRULY determines where you prioritize all of the facets in your circle of life. When your mind is right the rest of it falls into place. Sometimes it's necessary to make big and scary changes to get your mind free from anxiety and paralyzing negative self talk. Once you break out of that, the rest comes easier. Kristen is a great listener which is necessary during this type of program – she is warm, open and receptive. There is no topic off limits. I would recommend Kristen to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health without prescriptions and take control over their health through lifestyle changes.


~ Teresa

My main goals when I started Kristen's program were weight loss, letting go of toxic stuff, and help with anxiety and depression. Kristen addressed my needs and introduced a step-by-step approach that guided me to make improvements in all aspects of my life. I have a new commitment to self care, as well as a sense of peace and satisfaction with who and where I am in my life's journey. Kristen is compassionate, professional, and trustworthy. She is knowledgeable and an intense listener, and always followed up with useful information to answer any questions that I had. Kristen is supportive and nonjudgemental, and always provided a very safe place for me to open up. My initial motivation was weight loss, but my key takeaways went way beyond that. I did experience weight loss, which is GREAT! But more importantly, I've learned to be happy and content with WHO I AM... in the present. Letting go of what I don't have and being grateful for ALL that I do have. I would recommend Kristen to anyone dealing with stress, aging, anxiety, uncertainty about how they look or feel and how to deal with this.


~ Wanda

I reached out to Kristen to help me get my stomach issues under control and eat a cleaner diet. She really listened to me, guiding me towards solutions and being open to travel every possible path. Through working with her, I've been able to identify trigger foods that are not gut friendly, and I have really cleaned up my diet. Being confident that I can go out without worrying that my stomach is going to act up is huge! Kristen is kind, attentive, truly caring, and knowledgeable. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to develop a better connection with themselves: body, mind, and soul. Thank you for being part of my journey towards better health and life happiness!


~ Gina

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Additionally, I have successfully completed specialized courses on Gut Health and Hormone Health.

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