Finding Balance During the Seasonal Transition

Every year, I aspire to do a major “Spring Cleaning” – but the minute the weather gets warmer, the last thing I want to do is spend hours rearranging and sorting through my closet! I want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air after being cooped up for months. So this year, I’m starting a new routine as I transition from summer to fall – “Fall Cleaning”. I love cozying inside when the temperatures drop and the leaves start falling – taking this time to honor the change in season by clearing clutter and embracing the fall resonates much more with me.

It’s important to tackle any important seasonal tasks such as changing the HVAC filters and fire alarm batteries, cleaning the rain gutters, etc. But it’s just as important to take stock of your home surroundings to see what needs to be sorted through or adjusted. This year, the pandemic has made me appreciate my home environment more than ever.

Maybe you replace your spring/summer wardrobe with a fall/winter one – or maybe everything lives in one place. Either way, it’s a great time to spend a few hours sorting and purging – also noting if there are items that need to be repaired or tailored (or thrown out completely). I like to take the time to reorganize too, especially since my preferences and priorities most likely have shifted in the past year.

The pandemic has also shifted my perspective about the fall and winter seasons. While I’ll probably be inside my home more than ever, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to take on projects that I’ve been putting off all summer, snuggle up with a book I’ve been meaning to read, and indulge in pampering self care. Now may be the perfect time to add something new to your daily routine – journaling, yoga, or meditation.

In Ayurveda, fall is considered to be the Vata time of the year. The Vata dosha is made of the elements air and space, and its qualities are light, cold, dry, and mobile. This means cooler and windier conditions (depending on where you live), and to balance these qualities you’ll need to bring in the opposite qualities (heavy, warm, moist, and grounding) through food and lifestyle practices. Try cooking warming, well-spiced foods such as soups with root vegetables (like this Vegetarian Chili with Sweet Potatoes). Since the amount of natural sunlight starts to decrease, you may find that your energy levels are not up to par. Try Yogi Tea’s Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea, a delicious herbal blend. Happy Fall Cleaning!

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